Upgrade your BCview to Version 7.905

Microsoft Windows Update Q328310 introduced december 2002 for MS NT 4.0, MS Windows 2000 and MS XP has made a problem for messages sent internally in BCview.
It appears that the different editors (View Editor, Element Editor etc.) is not being updated with the actual data.
In case you have updated your Windows with Q328310, you must upgrade your BCview to version 4.00E or never - in which the problem is solved.

Check your current BCview version no. - menu [Etc.]/[About] in your BCview

In case your current version is 4.000 or less you must download version 7.905 to disc's PRESS

In case your current version is 4.001 or newer PRESS

Notice - The downloaded BCview version is only usable if you allready do subscribe to BCview.